Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!

YouTube Channel

Mystic Hot Springs' YouTube Channel is another example of how Mike's foresight to build a video production studio and film the bands that came to play has turned into a cheap and unique way to promote the incredible scene that is happening at Mystic. Now with over 375 videos all tagged with the Mystic Hot Springs logo. 900,000 hits, and nearly 1,000 subscribers, the channel has been one of the best ways to reach a segment of Mystic's target market.

With the feel of the 1970's due to it's live editing and incredible sound, which is multi-tracked, mixed, and layed back to the video. These videos are perfectly preserved moments of Mystic musical history at it's finest. Mike's goal with these videos was to showcase the talent of these awesome bands to create videos that entertaining to watch, and it is obvious he is succeeding. The combination of Mystic Mike's incredible style, the bands' musical finesse, and some broadcasting equipment from the 1990's equals magic on the screen that is truly a treasure trove which can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Elephant Revival- Currach

Head for the Hills- Bosun Ridely

Donna the Buffalo- I Love My Tribe

Spirit Family Reunion  ~ Carry Me

Cyber Camel & Friends- She's Colder Than a Polar Bear

California Honeydrops- When It Was Wrong

Rising Appalachia ~ Filthy Dirty South

MUSIC 4 MYSTIC Benefit Show

Bonnie Paine from Elephant Revival- Drop