Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!


Mystic Hot Springs creates a sustainable environment which raises self-awareness by direct experience with nature, art, music and antiquities."

~ Mystic Hot Springs' Mission Statement

Elephant Revival  playing on the hill

Elephant Revival playing on the hill

What is Mystic Mike's Vision for Mystic Hot Springs?

Mystic Mike's Vision is having a successful business that is financially self sufficient, living an honest, sustainable, and an off the grid existence, working in cooperation with nature to expose the abundant natural beauty, inspiring incredible art and music, while having a safe place that connects people to themselves, to each other, to the Earth, and to the Universe.


The last 18 years, Mike has worked to see Mystic Hot Springs as an Awareness Center, a place for people to come and be immersed with unique experiences, unlike any other. A living art installation that is constantly growing, that also happens to be a successful business with a bright future ahead, Mystic Mike has a way of living life in a revolutionary and refreshing way. He has a passion to share these experiences with others, with the hopes they will then take this new way of seeing the world around them and apply the concepts to the way they live their lives. From soaking in Water heated from the Earth while gazing at the Milky Way to walking through a Garden of Eden growing inside a geothermal heated greenhouse, nothing is quite like what you experience at Mystic.

This is an opportunity to Remember Why You Are Alive

Sun Salutions

Sun Salutions

First "Bio-Zone" in Geothermania

First "Bio-Zone" in Geothermania


After 18 years Mike has found the key to unlock the 10,000,000 BTU's an hour released from the hot springs water turning the wet heat to dry heat using no moving parts. This was an unbelievable discovery, with incredible potential. While other energy supplies are dwindling and very expensive, the energy source here at Mystic is free, abundant and plentiful, rich in renewable resources, with plenty to go around. One of the realizations Mike has learned along the way is by covering the hot springs channel, it insulates the water keeping it hot. Meaning, the more we use the heat to keep greenhouses and homes warm, the hotter the water stays which allows for us to continue to use it. 

Mike has begun the construction of the first of a dozen homes he calls, "Bio-Zones", a combination of living and growing spaces. These homes are built using Permaculture Concepts with passive solar, active solar, and active geothermal technologies. Built using all reclaimed materials Mike has collected over the years and complete with it's own soaking tub, these homes are comfortable, sustainable, and gorgeous. Mike is excited to continue the expansion of, Geothermania, Mystic's first off the grid, sustainable community. 


The land of Mystic 

The land of Mystic 

One Mans Trash is Mystic Mike's Treasure.....

Early on, Mystic Mike realized he needed more overnight lodging to accommodate his guests and increase revenue, but had no capital to spend to do so. This forced Mike to get creative, so without much money, he scavenged the local valley looking for something he could use for his purpose. His discovery of old pioneer cabins that people didn't want led him on a 5 year crusade to Save Pioneer Cabins from 1865-1910. To date, he has rescued 30 cabins, renovating a few that have ended up generating income as overnight lodging for many years, contributing to Mike's business success here at Mystic.

So, why stop at just cabins? In his 18 years Mike has also collected 11 buses, many piles of reclaimed building materials and many antiquities and odds and ends, all with the purpose of being used once again. With these resources available, these materials will end up as beautiful homes and greenhouses rather than in the landfill. Inexpensive and ecologically minded at the same time!

This is just another example of Mike's craftiness when it comes to business. Mike enjoys making money, but he will not compromise his ethics to do so. He focuses on sustainable growth, by not creating a monster that is hard to manage and requires a lot of man power to operate. This has worked remarkably in his favor, giving him an honest life that he is proud to live.

Mystic Family Unite!

Mystic Family Unite!

A Call To Action

Wanting to lead a life of humble simplicity, Mike has put any profits from Mystic Hot Springs that he could have put in his own wallet or used for vacations to tropical destinations, and instead has devotedly put every penny back into Mystic to ensure that this magical property could remain operating under his inventive and forward thinking vision. He has done everything he could think of to secure the property as the sole owner, but understands that he can no longer carry his vision into the future financially all alone, and has opened up his heart and his home to invite others that resonate with his vision for Mystic Hot Springs to join him and become an active participant in keeping the vision a reality.