Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!

Video Production Studio

With a 20 year background in Film Production, Directing, and Computer Graphics and Animation it was only a matter of time for Mike to build a video production studio at Mystic Hot Springs. The bands were already performing on his stage but with a low attendance at the actual show Mike wanted to find a way to record these amazing performances so that other's could enjoy them as well.

Starting with $100, Mike used his Ebay skills to buy old camera equipment from the 1980's and began building his studio piece by piece for a fraction of the cost of buying new. A few upgrades and hundreds of shows later, Mike has built a complete 4 camera broadcast studio and an impressive archive of music on his YouTube Channel.

Mike's insistence on creating the finest product demands that his videos sound better than most recordings out there. His ability to record bands during a performance onto 16 separate tracks and remix them later provides a substantially better recording and is another reason so many are drawn to the videos he creates.

The Mobile Studio Yarmonygrass 2011

The Mobile Studio Yarmonygrass 2011