Pioneer Cabins and Village

What started as a need for more overnight lodging, has taken Mike on a 15 year crusade to save authentic pioneer cabins from the Sevier Valley. So far he has collected and moved in 25 during his time at Mystic Hot Springs, all being from the local area within a 10 mile radius of Mystic. All the cabins are the original structures that were built by the Mormon pioneers from 1865 to 1890. Beautiful and rustic, they give the feeling of what it must have been like to be alive at that time. If Mike hadn't saved these cabins, they most certainly would have been destroyed and the history of what these cabins literally represent would have been lost forever. These cabins are worthy of being preserved for future generations to experience and enjoy. Like an attraction, these pioneer cabins are another unique aspect that sets Mystic apart.


For a real pioneer experience, there are four restored pioneer cabins to stay in for the night. Restored with authenticity in mind, the cabins offer cozy beds with linens, electricity in most, and either a electric heater or wood burning stove. At the edge of the campground there is a modern log cabin tastefully decorated with two queen sized beds. We currently charge $40 plus tax for one guest in a cabin, and $20 for each additional guest per night.

Mike hopes to revive the experience of the West when the Mormon Pioneers settled in the valley when his Pioneer Village is fully restored and available for group rentals. When the Pioneer Village is complete, it will feature a common building with kitchen and meeting space designed for group functions and 14 individual, fully restored pioneer cabins, making it a perfect spot for Family Reunions, Weddings, Corporate Events, and Retreats.

The Village, when complete, will be like a little town with a Main Street, residential street and a simulated farm area with corral posts, fences, and hay derrick. All the buildings look into a common central courtyard where at  the center will be a re-creation of a sun dancers fire ring with a covered area for picnic tables and benches.This will make a great meeting place where guests can swap stories and have campfire jam sessions.