Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!


People Love Mystic

Over the last 18 years, Mystic has seen a lot of people come and go through it's door, whether as customers, guests, or willing workers. Tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe have experienced this magical place for themselves. 


Mystic Hot Springs is truly a labor of love. No salary or wages has been paid to anyone during Mike's tenure. All work that has been done at the resort has been done by volunteers, people that believe in the power of Mike's vision. Without all the love giving so generously by these work trade volunteers, Mystic would not be the place it is today. Big huge thank you's to all those that spent their time and skills showing Mystic the love.

Mystic Hot Springs is a place where we can remember that we are all connected; to each other, to this planet, and to all the living creatures with whom we share it.

Mike's intention is that your experience at Mystic Hot Springs will activate the love inside of you and that you will share the love with others, and so on and so on....and this is how we Change the World.

(((Like Ripples in Still Water)))