Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!

Monroe Mound

The Monroe Mound is a spectacular geological wonder built molecule by molecule from the Calcium Carbonate mineral that is deposited from the water. Measuring over 1 mile wide, 100 ft. deep and 100 Yards wide, it has been constantly growing since the water has been flowing from the Earth. Unlike most places on the Earth that are eroding and going away, the Monroe Mound continues to grow larger every second. Since Mike has been at Mystic Hot Springs he has seen some incredible growth in the calcium formations. Since he put the bathtubs on the hill, the entire mound between tubs 7 and 8 have grown in only 18 years. He likes to think of it as a co-op with nature.

The mound of minerals left behind from years and years of deposits is always growing and changing, an incredible record of time, like the rings of a tree, it records time in it's layers. Capturing what is happening on the surface of the Earth, anything that falls in the water collects, becomes perfectly mineralized, and this has been happening for over a Millennium. It is mind blowing to think about what really could be preserved within the Monroe Mound, considering that the hot water is bound to attract people and animals in the area for as long as it's been flowing.