Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!

Mobile Home Park

Mystic Hot Springs also contains a mobile home park with 17 trailer home sites. About half of the trailers are owned by Mystic, the other half pay a monthly rental fee for the site. The rent collected makes up 40% of the current monthly gross income. 

Although these trailers are a current necessary income stream, the trailers are all from the 1970's and have outdated technology and design flaws that end up using excessive energy to heat and cool. This is an area that Mike would like to improve and he plans to transform the current trailer park into 10-15, off-the-grid condos using passive solar design and mindfully incorporating Permaculture principles. These Condos will be perfect for people interested in sustainable living that could serve as a primary residence, vacation home, and/or an income property at one of the most beautiful hot springs resorts in the world.