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"I haven't wanted to risk anyone else's money to this point. It was just too risky and I was the only one I wanted see fail if things didn't go the way I hoped. Now  I have a good business established and a clear vision for the future of Mystic Hot Springs.  I am confident that things will continue to get better and better. I feel completely comfortable asking others to now join me in carrying Mystic into the it's the fun part."

Mystic Mike


This is an invitation to be a part of something very special. Something life affirming. Something in line with your values and ethics. Something you can see with your own two eyes, feel with your own two hands and feet, and experience with your whole self. Never before has there been an invitation like this to do something quite like this.

Are You Ready To Show Your Love For Mystic Hot Springs?

Photo by  Aubrey Ixchel

Mystic Mike has decided the only way forward is by inviting people who resonate with his vision for Mystic Hot Springs, and perhaps have their own mystical experience that is of value to them, to become a part of preserving Mystic so it can thrive into the future.

There are no guarantees in life except that things are constantly changing. The hot springs water has been coming out of the Earth for a long time, but someday the water will stop flowing and we are unsure of when that day is. There are things that are out of our control, and there is nothing to be done. That said, there are things that can be controlled here at Mystic, and Mike has proven that the factors that he can control have continued to grow and flourish over the last 18 years. More and more people are telling their friends what a great experience it is to visit Mystic Hot Springs. The word is spreading and we are getting busier and busier.  It's exciting to be a part of  a project that reaches people on a such a deep level.  Mystic is a place where ideas can be exchanged, information learned, muscles relaxed, spirits recharged, and profits generated.  

Mike wants to put the benefits of Mystic's prosperity directly into the hands of those who really care about Mystic Hot Springs and it's future. 


We are looking for that one special person that would like to diversify their portfolio? Or maybe, a group of friends that would like to combine together to do something amazing? Or possibly, someone would like to leave the corporate life to do something more organic and sustainable?

You Can Change The World

You Can Change The World

 We are open to positive change in whatever shape it takes.  

 Whether it being a transformation of the existing trailer park into sustainable and beautiful straw bale, passive and active solar townhouse community, or the expansion of Geothermania and our geothermal greenhouses, Mystic is growing and flourishing in new and exciting ways and it's your turn to get involved!

Are you are the kind of person that is looking to make a tangible difference with your financial abundance?

Connect with us! We want to personally take you on a tour of Mystic Hot Springs and show you how you can help us Change The World.

We are Grateful 

We are Grateful