Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!

Water is Life

The water is the literal beating heart and at the center of everything Mystic is. Following it's life blood pathways throughout the property, the water is abundantly flowing at 200 gallons per minute and a consistent 168 degrees Fahrenheit.

Providing not only a spectacular soaking experience, the water is also used for it's energy to grow vegetables and heat buildings. Never leaving the property, the water gets fed into tropical fish and duck ponds. traveling from there to water our emus and llamas and some vegetable gardens and eventually soaking into the earth or evaporating. In Permaculture, this concept is called "cascading use", and one that Mike uses at Mystic Hot Springs.

The main mineral in the water is calcium carbonate, which forms the large travertine mounds that are growing at a phenomenal rate! The calcium also clogs pipes quickly which makes piping this water a difficult thing to do. The water travels in channels across the property and continually put off the minerals that need to be dug out of the channels a couple times a year. Calcium, along with other trace minerals found in the water, are excellent for skin and bones and soothing sore, achy muscles. Unlike many hot springs, Mystic has no sulfur in the water so there is no pungent smell. No shower is necessary after soaking.