Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!


Geothermal Greenhouses

We are on our second year growing inside our geothermal heated greenhouses and we couldn't be more thrilled at how what started as an experiment, has grown some roots and is flourishing quickly! Through his experimenting with putting old army mag arches covered in plastic over the hot springs channel, Mike has figured out the “key” to turning wet heat into dry heat using no moving parts. This unlocks the 10,000,000 BTU's released every hour from the hot springs water, allowing the use of this constant, sustainable heat for thousands of square feet of growing and living space.

The smallest of the two greenhouses is currently growing lettuce, radish, tomatoes, kale, and herbs and serves as an excellent nursery for sprouting new plants.

The larger greenhouse is a tropical paradise! A real Garden of Eden, Mike has a beautiful collection of orchids, succulents, agave, citrus, fig, pomegranate and palm trees. Berry bushes grow among tropical flowers and aloe vera. Mike has also grown impressive bumper crops of heirloom tomatoes, kale, and lettuce, with plenty for feeding the family and crew here, with more to share.

Enjoy this Video with Mike explaining his Greenhouse Project.

Video produced by Eric Abramson.