Mystic Hot Springs

The Best Hippie Hot Springs in the West!


Using his "key" that exchanges the water's wet heat to dry heat, Mike has big plans for the South part of the Monroe Mound here at Mystic Hot Springs. The first "Bio Zone", a geothermal heated, passive solar designed, living/growing space, is getting completed and ready to show the world what Mystic can do!

Totally revolutionary and unique, this comfortable space uses little materials, that which it does use are all reclaimed and recycled, even using some of the wood used in Pioneer Cabins from the 1800's. Featuring it's own hot springs fed cast iron bathtub for private soaks overlooking the mountains, these Bio Zones are fit for a king with all the creature comforts. Built with form following the function in mind, these spaces, although look like merely art pieces, are completely sustainable and functional, unlike anything you've experienced before.

Deemed, Geothermania, Mike hopes to continue to expand and reform the entire south hill with an Off the grid, sustainable community of Bio Zones all using active geothermal, active solar, and passive solar to create living at it's finest, with no negative impact on the Earth, air, or other living creatures.