Bus Village

Looking for more steady streams of income to support his Vision at Mystic Hot Springs, Mike acquired 11 old hippie buses for very little money. Knowing they are weather tight, he jumped on the idea of turning them into excellent, unique overnight lodging and complimenting that good ol' Grateful Dead hippie vibe happening at Mystic.


For those seeking a more adventurous experience during their Mystic stay there are currently 4 buses that are fully converted as overnight lodging, with 7 more that are in various stages of conversion. There is also a cute renovated Sheep Herder Wagon that makes a cozy place to stay the night. The buses that have been converted are complete with comfortable beds with linens, electricity, and furnishings. Our newer conversions have been done with built-in, hand carved, teak furniture and hardwood floors. Our Buses are a big hit with our guests and are usually booked to full capacity on weekends and Holidays. We currently charge $40 plus tax for one guest in a bus, and $20 for each additional guest per night.

Ever since Further made it's trek across the United States, converted school buses have become the hippie's symbol of this colorful counter culture. The Bus Village was created as an homage to Mike's history of going to over 300 Grateful Dead shows, and traveling from show to show in a converted bus. His inspiration was to bring the Grateful Dead Lot scene to Mystic, giving his guests an opportunity to stay in a funky and adorable bus, and be a hippie for a night.